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Someone inspecting a part

How we work

We work with you in partnership and as an extension to your existing engineering design and machining facility. Our quality and delivery are second to none.

People operating a machine

Our Site

  • 26,583 sq. ft of workspace & offices.

  • Over 100 machines & a large manufacturing team working on a twin shift operation.

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  • A full-time inspection department with state of the art CMM equipment and the capability of measuring up to 600mm Diameter.

picture of a machine shop
Someone operating a CNC machine

Our Experience

We have over 40 year’s experience in creating precision components; designing and manufacturing bespoke solutions for our customers. From jigs for coin production in the Royal Mint, to components used in the manufacture of food packaging, no challenge is too great for us. We also offer a project management service for both our national and international customers.

Our Team

Lead by passionate senior managers, many of our team have been with us for their entire career, constantly learning, growing and developing with the engineering industry.
Our individual team members have up to 40 years of experience, contributing to the hundreds of years of combined knowledge across the group.
However, what really sets us apart is not the years given to the engineering industry, but the passion and commitment of every single member of the team to produce the highest quality products every time.

Someone working on CAD designs
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