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Robot arm

How we innovate

Working closely with the customer we can establish, relatively quickly, the solution they are looking for. This maybe the design of bespoke fixturing, or special production tooling. Utilising 3D printing or VR, in collaboration with the University, clearly identifies the lean methodology required in today’s production environment, making the solution cost effective without large investment into R&D.


Smart Partnership with University of Wales Trinity St David 

Our collaboration with Trinity St. David’s University in Swansea, opens up avenues not previously explored within the Engineering field, giving us the arm of additional expertise and knowledge often demanded within the modern day engineering industry.

3D Printing

3D printing allows us to provide conceptual fixturing and or components, in order for our customers to carry out pre-evaluation prior to committing for manufacture – saving both time, resources and money.

3d printer

Virtual Reality Simulation

In today’s manufacturing environment, where efficient use of time is key to profitability, we can simulate the various aspects and benefits of production support fixturing via VR, demonstrating the right choice, in the right place at the right time.

Multi axis & Collaborative Robotics

With increasing demands for accuracy along with repeatability in the workplace, the use of collaborative robots in conjunction with “Smart” fixturing is an area in which we have had considerable experience over the years, working with the customer and not for the customer being key to providing the most efficient engineered solution.

Robot arm
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